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Multimedia systems for telemedicine consultations of the FSBI «NMITs FPI» of the Ministry of Health of Russia
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Multimedia equipment complex in the meeting room 1206 for PAO NOVATEK
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Multipurpose hall for Sberbank of Russia at the President Plaza business center
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Sberbank of Russia (19 Vavilova St., Moscow)
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Alabushevo Administrative and business center with Congress hall at the Special economic zone Technopolis Moscow (Zelenograd)
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Video conferencing system for the Graduate School of State Audit of MSU
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High-Tech Media Systems has earned the trust of customers and the reputation of a reliable system integrator in the market of high multimedia technologies.

Reliability - cooperation with leading manufacturers allows you to offer a competitive and proven solution

Result accuracy - we have in the arsenal a wide range of technologies, solutions and ideas for the implementation of projects for the real needs of the client.

Advanced and design solutions - we apply innovative technologies, we consider the possibility of further development of the project.

Confidence in the result - cooperation with a reliable partner.

Innovation nationwide - the geography of our projects covers the most remote corners of Russia.

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